Infringement of rights..

Everyone has the freedom to be whoever they want to be, and we also have the right to do anything we want in life, provided that we are not acting improperly or infringing upon the rights of others. I'll talk about this subject, which I categorize as right infringement. What are the terms "right" and "infringement"?

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How do rights work?

In plain English, I would define right as the unrestricted authorization or liberty granted to someone. Rights are what we should be free to do, each person's rights are not intended to be interfered with. Every person is entitled to a variety of freedoms and rights, including the freedom of speech, the right to vote and be elected, and many others.

What is a Infringment?

This is limiting someone or anything to items they are not permitted access to. Currently, denying someone access to their own right constitutes an infringement of their rights.

I actually have some experience with this subject, which I shall briefly discuss below. When it comes to the violation of our rights, it can happen in a variety of ways be it to people, the government, or unaccountable powers. I'll be giving a case study that I witnessed in this instance.

What happened?


It so happens that I have a friend who sells some groceries, albeit sparingly. He makes a certain quantity of purchases from a wholesaler and makes his repayments on time. There have been no problems at all with these transactions, which have been ongoing for a while. He then instructed my friend to give the proceeds from the things he purchases to his children because she has children close to the location where my friend sells his goods.

This has always been the way they conduct business, and my friend makes sure to keep track of his payments while the wholesaler confirms the money was sent to her. Due to some personal circumstances, my friend was eventually unable to pick up the money, thus it was put on hold. But in order to protect himself from stress, my friend took notes as these transactions took place.

After some time, this woman was forced to call the police and request that they come and arrest this man because she claimed that he had not paid the full amount that he had. We had to go to the station together when I became enraged at hearing this. When we arrive at the station, we present all of our proof, but the police officers still don't accept what we are saying because they wanted to extort money from us and the woman, they had to believe all she had told them.

What a word, I screamed, and the police grew harsh again, saying he will have to hold my friend behind jail if we don't obtain all the money the woman says we owe her, even with the ones we have already paid. Despite all the proof, nobody would accept our blame and we were constantly held responsible. Bottomline: We had to find the money and pay more that we did not owe. We had been duped, so even though I felt helpless and this was terribly painful, I had to let it all go.

This is how many other people have had their rights violated without anyone fighting for them; many of them are being held in jail despite having committed no crime and having no one to defend them. People shouldn't be deprived of their rights since they should be free and unearned.