Risk we take for friendship.


Hi guys, today I have come with an amazing topic which I tag as Risk we take for friendship.. I will be discussing about this topic in my own little knowledge and understanding.. Okay to start with, what do we refer to as friend, and what is friendship?


Who is a friend??

Friend is a person, be it a male or a female that one is easily attached to and you are able to share part of your life with.. A friend can actually be a different meaning to us all depending on how we see it to be.. friend sometimes can make a good happening to you and some can make bad happening. That's why one have to choose wisely before trusting a friend..

What is friendship?

Friendship is a strong connection between friends. Friendship results from friends, there must have been some form of agreement between two people which will then turn into good friendship.


Risk we take for friendship..

We sometimes In our life must have done something which we later regret doing or sometimes might not regret doing but due to the fact that it was done to a friend or someone we cherish so much, we won't actually think about it and it won't count because we value them so much.. But sometimes, what happens when this things later comes back to rub us of our own right i.e this things comes back to hurt us..

This is actually what happens when we must have over trust someone to some certain level and then we see that those we trusted the most are the ones that cause this arm to us.. when we have true friendship and we value them,we can do whatever it takes to satisfy them and we do not want this things we are doing to comeback to haunt us..

Some say no matter what it is, friends with strong bonds can never be broken. Well. I agree with that, but, friends that are not conscious of themselves and they allow the third party, they will surely get broken if not careful..

Risk are meant to be taken for your friends and loved one because this makes you stronger day by day.. Think of what might cause trouble between you two as a friend and try to avoid it is what I call a true friend and it take the diligent mind to do that..