What are we expecting from the labour market this year?


Hello friends, I will be discussing about an topic which I tag as, what are we expecting from the labour market this year? This topic is the one that came to my mind while I was discussing about a friend's workplace and how they will cope with working there. The economic system of the country is going upside down and this is giving most especially the up coming youth so much of concern and this is not making most graduate and even the undergraduates want to settle down for getting job.

What is a labour market?

Labour market is a place where two or more people work and interact to get a job done.. There are different types of job in the labour market out there but getting a better job now is the main aim and it is very important. Job opportunities are very scare this days but everyone needs to get a better job that can help them sustain and keep them on their feet..

In the labour market this year, what are we expecting?
Part of what we are expecting as a citizen is to have an available job which we can work and get a secure payment from.. This year, we all must work toward achieving better goal and getting a better means of income and not relying on ones effort alone..

The labour market has a lot of people it will want to accommodate, but trust me, not everyone will have the chance to get that. This will now be the survival of the fittest and not just giving it to those that does not value it.. I truly believe that the labour market holds a lot of goods to us as we go this year.. we all should endeavour to get anything to doi because everything worth doing is worth doing well..

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