Will you prefer to own a gold item or a silver item??

One of the most cross question every gold and silver lovers will always find difficult to answer at times.

Most times you are always present with gold items and at times some people give you silver items as gift

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I remember when I want to buy my saxophone back then, I was actually first of all given the opportunity to either buy the gold one or the silver one. At first the gold looks so shiny and shiny and I actually first of all want to get the gold but when I see the silver . Oh my God, I choose the silver and till now I am still wondering whether it was only the reason of shining bright that made me to choose the silver saxophone

Come to think of it. There are at times we prefer gold wristwatch compared to silver wristwatch. Is it because of the value that varies in each of them or perhaps we just prefer the preference

Which item will you choose, will you prefer the gold items most of the time or the silver item?