The story of little egret and the balance of nature

During the rice planting season in the fields, little egrets often play in the fields. The presence of this little egret did not bother the farmers. Usually birds are considered as pests in rice fields.

Stock Little egrets in the rice field 1.jpeg

Little egrets also loved playing in ponds, streams or mud. This bird is a type of bird of prey that plays an important role in the food chain.

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The herds of little egrets on earth are essential to maintaining this amazing natural balance. The behavior of foraging for food by these birds varies widely. Every foraging behavior begins with stepping and is followed by other activities including pecking prey.

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Little egrets usually prey on various types of fish, frogs, water insects, or grasshoppers. Moreover egrets really help eradicate agricultural pests, such as locusts sangit and leafhoppers. This bird eats insects that have been enemies of farmers.

Stock Little egrets in the rice field 3.jpeg

The little egret is one of the amazing phenomena for nature in maintaining its balance. The hunting of the little egrets greatly disturbs the natural balance ecosystem. For that, let us keep the existence of the little egrets in this universe.