Very Sunny Weather Photography


Hello friends all wherever you are. Friendship greetings from me @teungkulik. May we all always be in the protection of God Almighty, Ameen. In the afternoon, I sat around enjoying a cup of pancong coffee at the Empat Elak intersection, Seunong village, Keude Krueng district, Kutamakmur district, North Aceh district. Only with a few friends I enjoyed pancong coffee at Ulee Masen coffee shop. While sitting down and then I also told about the heat of the current atmosphere is really extraordinary. What's more so far it has never rained heavily. But only a drizzle that wet the dust on the streets.
Time is running fast but the weather is still very bright. Then I took the smartphone that was on the coffee shop table. Turning on my smartphone I walked out of the coffee shop to see the weather outside. The time has shown at 17:18 WIB but the weather changes have not turned dim. My eyes looked up at the sky to enjoy the beauty of the clouds as if walking and changing positions with the others.


Without wasting too much time outside, I also took pictures of the sky with very clear weather. By looking for a shady place I just did a photo shoot. Otherwise I can't see the smartphone to be able to aim at the target clearly. Because if I look too far with bright light, it really disturbs my eyesight. With the temporary protection I can be more flexible in taking pictures or taking pictures. The smartphone I have is called Xioami Note 9Pro. Because for now I still have to learn from the pictures posted by all of my friends so that they produce clear images. If I don't want to study then I will miss the train. Because progress and technology continues to develop with progress.

Then I went back into the coffee shop to rest for a while. Because the clothes I was wearing were soaked with sweat. Then I sat for a while and then I drank water to quench the thirst in my throat. At first I rinsed my mouth first to get rid of the bitter taste on my tongue. Because the tongue and lips are starting to dry so they must be moistened a little first. After gargling then I drank a few sips of water. While sitting quietly I started ordering another cup of pancong coffee and enjoyed the coffee. While enjoying my pancong coffee, I checked the shots from my smartphone. If there is a blurry or blurry image then I delete it. One by one I looked at the pictures on my smartphone. After I finished correcting everything, I chatted again with my friends. And in the end the clock showed 18:20 wib, my friends and I got up from the coffee shop and went home to each other.