Chelsea fc struggles continues as they are held to a goalless draw with Fulham Fc

Right at this moment if I tells you that I am so confused about what is happening to the Chelsea fc team many will thought that I am trying to make mockery of them but of a truth it is just not so. What I am trying to say here i.e the message that I am trying to pass out here is simply the fact that the Chelsea fc team should not be struggling this season. They are doing just well in all aspect, what they needed right now is for their team to be able to blend together. One thing that we should all knows is that when it comes to things like this, it can be that the team is operating in different ways. Chelsea fc to me needs to make sure that when it comes to team management, strategies and smartness needs to be deployed. Failure to get this done will cause more issues in the team if not properly handled. One thing that we all should knows is that the way team operates nowadays are quiet different, I am just wondering that with what is happening right now it might be that the Chelsea fc are trying to re-strategize just like the way the Arsenal fc, Manchester United, and the Newcastle United team did. We all knows how some team loves to build in silent this days, compared to how they handle such thing back in the days.


Wether the Chelsea fc team are building in silence or not, what is important is that they are showing signs of weakness as they are definitely missing their Russia boss, Roman Abramovich. We all knows back then how their Russia boss, Roman Abramovich acts when his team is passing through mess like this. You will see it deeply written around him that he is a no nonsense man. He is that person that takes decisions without thinking what the impact will be, his first principles is to take the decisions first to be able to save the team, that is what is important to him at first. I must admit that whatsoever thing that is happening to the team he is one person that I have grown to love when it comes to decision making. You should knows that when it comes to business, decision making is very hard to take. But one thing that I will say is that if you are too lazy to make decisions your business will struggle deep along the line. Remember that the success and downfall of your business lies in your hands.

In other end, it might be that the team is rebuilding in silence just like what the Arsenal, Manchester city, Manchester United and the Newcastle United team did. With that at hand or with that being considered, it will be better to give the team more time to readjust and eventually gets things right the way it simply should be. We all knows how Chelsea fc fans are when it comes to their team, they are very defendant, ruthless and above all noisy neighbours. Since the start of this season they have not disturb, this is holding to the fact that they knows that their season is already in mess.


Why I was watching the match between the Chelsea fc team and the Fulham Fc team, I was just wondering what exactly am I watching, the match lacks a lot of vibes and seeing that it is being played at the home soil of the Chelsea fc team really got me confused. I checked the English premier league log table and I discovered that the Fulham Fc team are doing well this season, they are currently occupying 6th position while the Chelsea fc team are on 9th position. With what we have at hand right now, it shows that Chelsea fc and that of Liverpool fc team won't be going or won't be qualifying for the Uefa champions league spot. This is really going to be a painful one to those Chelsea fc fans and that of the Liverpool fc team also.

We all knows that this will affect them in so many ways. Well as we have it, the match ended 0 Vs 0 for both team with lacks of amazing and captivating moment. This is really a bad dip for the Chelsea fc team I must admit.

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