How I invested in Robiniaswap by buying more RBS token


The best way to support a project is to invest. But one thing I have always hinted on is that before you think of investing into any project you should make sure that you study such project properly to the last in other for you to not make any mistake. Many project are just out there to steal the little fund you have. Don't be deceived by what they are offering.


I have study the motive of Robinswap and how they operates, they seems cool from what I have seen so far. They are also planning to dish out more amazing packages. Just recently I was told they will be running a steem power farm with steem. I am just overwhelm by what they are just doing. From pool to farm, to numerous burning system and also to Bee farming. The list is going to be endless for sure. Another thing that I love about them is the rate at which they respond to customers issues and the rate at which they get it solved is amazing.

Now back to what I did. I see some potentials with this team but please not this, the decision is my choice and I don't think anybody should follow what I am doing. Remember taking decisions is at your own risk and you alone will be accounted for that. If you make lost or gains along the line is all for you. I don't want to see that somebody will say he followed my advice and make lost. What about if you have make gain? will you give me all the money and tag me the reason you made such gain. This is why it is advisable you follow your advice because you will be accounted for any loss and gai.



Why I invested by buying more RBS

I invested because I see alot of potentials in this project. I so much love how they treat issue and how they love to dish out more good features which will help to see RBS grows positively with time.

How I bought more RBS

First of all I visited binance exchange and make sure that I converted my hive and ltc to usdt and from usdt I converted it to BNB. After that I send it to my BNB address and I checked it through trust wallet and saw the deposit. After doing that I visited Robiniaswap and clicked on exchange. After that it lead me to Pancakeswap finance, I select RBS and BNB. I use 33$ and it gave me about 153RBS. I click on buy and confirm the transcation, after confirming the transactions, it shows successful. I checked with my trust wallet and I saw the 153 RBS so I visited Robiniaswap again, went to the RBS pool and invested my 153 RBS. I run the transactions and after some seconds I checked nd saw that the transaction was successful. That is how I got my RBS invested. I just pray my outcome goes well at the long run, just what I have said I am going long term with this project.

Below are all the screenshot from the various process embarked on by me.









I felt really happy investing in this project and I will love to do more because the price is at cheap rate. Remember RBS was trading for about 40$ plus before this massive dump which happened because of the pool. I am glad for the pool, it enables me to own RBS. It was an amazing moment to be a partaker of this great project and the reason I am investing in this project is because of how the team keeps dishing us with wonderful features. With the Bsteem delegation pool coming many people will embrace Robiniaswap and it will grows RBS more. This is going to amazing again as it will give more investors the reasons to hold their RBS as this can help to see the positive growth of the coin.

I will be holding this coin for long and whatsoever that happens along the line I won't be bothered. If you are following what I have been saying and you want to invest please knows that investing is at your own risk and nobody will be held accountable for it. Please note this as I considered it is very important. Don't follow my advice, everything I am doing is from my own mentality and I will bear the loss and gain altogether.

            signed out 

For more information about Robiniaswap you can make do with the information below.

The website:

Robinia documentation:

Discord channel


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