Introducing more farming system through Robiniaswap project will give RBS token more exposure


Once you have good team leading you, all you have to do is to relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest. The price might be struggling right now but I know for sure that it is an opportunity for people who believe in the system earlier to have a chance of gathering and owing more of such token. One thing I always note is that we should not expect the best all the time when we key into a system or own a coin. We all knows that this is cryptocurrency and anything can happen. It is either your investment is going up or it is going down. Business can't be positive all the time, we are all taking risk but one thing is sure, rememeber that whatsoever decisions you are taking you should learn to be accounted for it. Don't put blames on any body if you make any lost. We are all matured and should take responsibility for our actions. I am always saying this base on the experience I have gotten when it comes to cryptocurrency. Many people are quick to say you make them loose money but if they make gains no two ears will hears about it. You should be bold enough to account for your decisions and never say somebody is the reason for your lost.


I have some coins doing well today because of the people behind the project. When you find yourself in that circle, or such opportunities locate you, you should be glad that you are holding such coin. We have numerous project everywhere, remembers not all will do well. Take profit when you think it is time to do so and never hold any body accountable for any loss you ran into or secure why buying into any project coin.

As per Robiniaswap pool project I have carried my own research and I think I just love the project and please do your own research before keying into it. I am ready to bear the lost before I invested into this project . And one thing I always advise is for people to take risk with their spare cash. With that you won't blame any body when things goes the other way round. With this Market cap I knows this project will do well in some years time. Might not be now, just have that holding spirit and surely the blessing will come.

What we should be expecting from Robiniaswap

  • Steem power Farming pool

  • YANABU Farm

  • More burn

The above listed things are some of the things we should be expecting from Robiniaswap during the upcoming period. I don't think it will take more time as Robiniaswap team loves keeping up to their promises.

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What does the things above mean

For those trying to knows what more about the things I listed above signifies, below are what the Robiniaswap team are referring to.

  • More burn: By now we should be conversant with this but for the sake of those who are newly embracing this Project, #burn is simply to remove from the circulation the coin has gained. When this is being done it might takes hours, days, months or years for the positive impact to show in respect to the price. We should all knows that burn is a very good thing and it will be good to see more burn being carried out on coins especially RBS. Since it will help the price of the coin somehow in the future, the developers should always look at that angle. Robiniaswap team have been carrying out weekly burn on RBS coin. We are patiently waiting to see the positive impact it will add on the coin some day.



  • Steem power Farming pool: By now If you are conversant with the honey bee farming project you shouldn't have any issues here. They are all the same thing but it seems Robiniaswap team are building a gateway in which your steem power does not needs to leave your wallet before you can join the steem power farming tool. Once it is launched we will see how it goes and more update will be dropped about it. As for those who wants to have a look at how the honey bee farming system is progressing or as for those who wants to have wider knowledge about the honey bee farm system, you can visit the link below and make use of it.



Honey Bee Farming pool

  • Yanabu farm: We shouldn't panic about this as it will look like the honey bee farming system. All you have to know here is that you will have to provide liquidity with yours RBS and in return you will be earning the Yanabu token. I love the reward from farming because it is so big but you might suffers some losses from the liquidity you provided.




With what we should be expecting above, I think it might impact the price someday. It might not be instant but some day it will happen. We all knows that all this will help to reduce the selling pressure on RBS. The other things to note here is that all this #farming and #pool program in a long run will help to give #RBS more exposure as time progresses. This is simply the logic that gave #cake the exposure it has today. I will end the post here, I hope you get the point I have stated, and hope you enjoyed yourself.

            signed out 

For more information about Robiniaswap you can make do with the information below.

The website:

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Robiniaswap swap official site documentation

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