Determination of group winners who will enter the final round of the 2022 AFF Cup, Monday, January 9

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In the continuation of the 2022 AFF Cup match between the Indonesian public group against Vietnam which was held at the Bung Karno Arena, Jakarta, Friday 6 January 2023, the elimination round finished goalless and just finished with a 0-0 draw.

Over the span of the match between the Indonesian public group and the Vietnam public group, no objectives were scored, albeit a few open doors were made by the two groups during the hour and a half of the match.

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During the match, the Indonesian public group, which played as the host, needed to perceive the predominance of the Vietnam public group concerning ball ownership, due to the ability of the players in keeping the ball streaming between their own players.

The match between the two public groups was exceptionally savage and very hard in light of the fact that the Indonesian public group and the Vietnam public group truly needed to dominate the game to guarantee that one of them would meet all requirements for the 2022 AFF Cup Last.

The Indonesian public group, which showed up as the host, attempted to make the most of the environment of the crowd by attempting to seem to press into the Vietnam public group's guard region to set out open doors.

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Indonesia's moment when trying to snatch the top ball from a Vietnamese player.

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A few assaults by the Indonesian public group have demonstrated to have prevailed with regards to causing the core of the Vietnam public group's protection troublesome and a few shots by Indonesian public cooperative people to have been focused on the Vietnam public group's objective yet have not yet delivered an objective.

Troops Shin Tae-yong have not surrendered, eight shots and two of them focusing on the objective are confirmation of the battle of the Indonesian Public Group in attempting to break into the objective of the Vietnam Public Group.

By the by, the tight guard of the Vietnam Public Group and the unfortunate completing of the Indonesian Public Group made the match last 0-0 until the match finished in the primary leg of the 2022 AFF Cup elimination rounds.

This draw is obviously the capital for Indonesia to confront the Vietnam Public Group in the second round of the elimination rounds of the current year's 2022 AFF Cup where the Indonesian Public Group will be the visitor group.
The Indonesian public group which had the option to safeguard well and figured out how to keep a spotless sheet is a significant resource and essentially this has been truly productive in light of the fact that the Vietnam public group doesn't have an away objective that can be utilized in the second leg later.

The attract the main leg caused the Indonesian Public Group to have two choices to meet all requirements for the last. The main choice, Indonesian public group can arrive at the last despite the fact that they are held by Vietnam in the subsequent leg.
If it's not too much trouble, note, The 2022 AFF Cup has kept on applying away objectives since entering the elimination rounds. In this way, during the subsequent leg, the Indonesian public group can score no less than one objective, so a draw with any score is sufficient to cause Garuda to fit the bill for the last.

Then, at that point, the subsequent choice is to prevail upon Vietnam. Triumph is the most secure outcome for the Indonesian Public Group. Obviously, this outcome will be the one that Shin Tae-yong's soldiers are generally searching for.


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