🦃The Gobble Gobble Giggidy Gump🍽

Authored by @enginewitty

We decided that we are going to have a bit of a contest and curation effort to honor the American holiday called Thanksgiving Day this year. I mean, we all love to eat, right! So, this one was for any foodie out there that wanted to jump in.

It was simple to participate in the Gobble Gobble Giggidy Gump, all you had to do was write about your favorite meal! Maybe that was too hard though, as we had less than a handful of entrants. Maybe they all got too busy cooking or preparing desserts and totally forgot to take a picture or write down a recipe.

This one time, I was hiking with my older kids, @b34w0lf and @dr460n3y3, up some mountains in Germany. We didn't bring any snacks with us and I figured if they got hungry, we could forage for some berries or mushrooms or whatever was available in the surrounding area. When their tummies finally grumbled, it happened that green lizard tail was on the menu. Tasted just like jerky, salted well. So, as for the challenge, the rules were:

  1. Write a post about your favorite meal ever in the world.
  2. Tag the post with #thealliance and #bestmealever.
  3. Drop a link to it in the comments below so we can come 'feast' our eyes on it!

Perks For Joining the Fun

  1. All that follow the instructions above will be sent at least 2 HBI.
  2. Your post will be voted on by the fam!
  3. The favorites (or maybe all?) will be compiled in a post to let everyone drool over them.

We had three people join us this time around. Each of them will be sent 5 HBI for their efforts. We are also going to make them beneficiaries of this post and list their most recent entries to Hive down below so you can go say hello and support them as well. We had @tokutaro22, who even dropped a recipe for us, also @enginewitty, who made us drool over a meat plate and finally we had @treefrognada, who dropped a whole tableful of goodies for us. Thank you!

PSYBER Free Giveaway by @tokutaro22🦞🥩Meat of 3🦀 by @enginewittyA Tableful of Leftovers by @treefrognada


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Congratulations to them all. I really love their effort. I will love to participate in such contests in the future. Hope, next one is loading??