The question of dreams


Everyone has got some kind of talent ,hobbies or passion in them ,some love to sing, some love to dance ,some love to paint , etc etc. But imagine you've been stopped from Doing it some situations and restrictions are bounded around you and things what you adored and loved doing you are given a choice to choose any one that too you are forced to it.

Although you know that all are important and you are so attached to it .Okay you choose one and even that also has support of 50%each along with the barriers surrounded you are moreover asked to concerate on your Carrier and also asked to be a money maker and settled down ,no matter how much ever you try to convince or request a person to not stop you from doing that and that particular person is totally against it and trying to pull you from it !!?

Agreed focus on the carrier is needed your weightage is mattered on the salary what you earn and standard of your work but what about that thing which you liked and loved which made you feel happy, where you experienced your own self ! Why is support for that is not even extending it's count above 50% why is it stuck only in that number ,why are you actually given choice between the things what you love the most !!? Why are you even asked to stick to orthodoxity even though the society has stepped to 21st century !?

Why are you asked to sacrifice things which you love the most ,knowing that it is a biggest heart breaks that can ever cause !? Why are we even becoming the slaves of carrier planning and are forced to step into money making only! Is that only carrier have options ? Why isn't the passion ,talent is valued ??! Is the question that is unanswered???! Would you compose the same rules to your generation what your were made to follow !? YES OR NO !?

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