Augment Your Crypto Life With An NFT Domain



Honestly, I can't think of a better accompaniment to cryptocurrency than an NFT domain. Simplify your crypto life by accepting crypto using your NFT domain! Now, supporting over 275 coins and tokens (including Hive)!

Why would you want an NFT domain? They have a lot more use than the traditional .COM domains. The NFT domain is registered on the blockchain and is fully owned by you, instead of renting it out for a certain period of time like traditional domains.

Use NFT domains as your universal username across apps and websites, a website URL, a single payment address for numerous wallets, and more!


I. As a universal username across apps and websites:

Currently in Beta, Login with Unstoppable is a domain-based login widget that uses a domain to authenticate a user and share their contact information (email addresses to start) with an app.

No more creating multiple user accounts and remembering various passwords. Just remember your domain name. Better yet, your domain and data will be portable across all apps, both traditional on web2 and decentralized on web3, and can be moved between any of your wallets.

II. As a website URL:

Using the secured, Unstoppable Domains Dashboard, you find options to create / edit your website on your NFT domain.

Websites are accessible through:

• Opera for desktop and mobile (supports .crypto)
• Brave for desktop and mobile (supports .crypto)
• Unstoppable Extension for Chrome and Brave (supports all Unstoppable Top Level Domains)
• Unstoppable Blockchain Browser (supports .crypto and .zil)
• Add the Custom DNS to your browser
• Via a gateway URL, like the ones Blockscan or provide.

You can view all live websites on:

III. - As a payment address for wallets (easy as 1-2-3!)

1. Open a supporting wallet

2. Type in your NFT domain

3. Send 

Done – it’s that easy!  

I love this feature the most because you can put all of your wallet addresses into your NFT domain and when someone wants to pay you with crypto, you can give them the domain address. Neither of you will have to remember the crypto address!

Remember, your NFT domain can do all of these things. By the time you read this, there may be other features added or tweaked so check out their website from time to time.


If you need support, I've emailed them before and received very good support. Since I spend a lot of time on their Discord server, I ask a lot of questions there. They have been nothing short of patient, helpful and positive. And the staff are even better! :)

Their development team is very active as well as their support team on Discord. They also have a presence on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, their own website (which features a help center and blog), YouTube, in addition to numerous articles on Medium.


Unstoppable Domains is offering NFT domains from as low as $20 US.

No Renewal Fees, No Minting Fees, No Gas Fees. It’s yours for life.

Use this link to goto Unstoppable Domains. It has my referral code so you'll be helping me as you help yourself! You'll be able to check on the wallets, coins, and tokens supported. You may catch a sale!

BTW, I've bought myself a couple for personal use but I see people are buying them on sale and reselling them. Just thought I would mention that for you entrepreneur types.

Also, if it didn't work with Hive, that would have been a deal-breaker, and I would not be writing any of this.

enthusiastx.wallet <------ one of my wallets ;)


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