Understanding Anxiety and learning to fix it

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This is Indian kid and today we are going to talk on one of the important discussion in the modern times and that is depression and anxiety.
Depression and anxiety are the modern Evil and that is not limited to the human beings only it is also seen in the animals but it is quite prevalent in human beings and we have been observing that day by day it is growing and affecting the human lifestyle and health as well.

So in this blog we will try to identify what is depression or anxiety and whether it lies outside of you or it is just a creation of your thoughts only.

1. Premise

In simple terms in physics we understand that when two objects are near to each other this sort of create a friction and that friction creates energy which Travels through both the body and affect each of these objects.

But in case of depression or anxiety the two objects are not lying outside but it is inside and it is in the form of two thoughts. So when there are two thoughts that are quite opposite to each other they tend to create a friction and which generates some sort of energy in your body.

2. Anxiety and depression

So ideally it is not the conditions like work culture or work life balance but it is the two thoughts that are lying inside you and which are opposite to each other one thought is saying that this is to be done and other one is saying this is to be done so when both are being fighting with each other to prevail in your mind or in your thoughts that creates the anxiety.

So when you are in the state of anxiety for a longer time, it just dries up your motivation, fills you with confusions and guilt of not selecting the other thought. And the state where there is depression in the every section of life like work, family, etc. You experience the total depression.

So depression is the resultant effect of prolong anxiety.

3. How to fix it?

In order to deal with anxiety, we must have proper value hierarchy. A heirarch which is rigid and doesn't accepts the changes in longer times. For example, honesty, discipline are two values. You give first priority to honesty over discipline. So here take an example, if there is delay in your work submission and to show that you are Mr. Or Mrs. Perfect you will have to either lie or make excuse in order to retain the image that you are disciplined. So here if you lie to any person whom you have to submit the work, you are changing your value heirarchy and keeping discipline first over honesty. This is where your value and moral system starts to decay.

So have rigid value system and hierarchy. Be selective but resist frequent changes in value system.

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