Ask yourself and then bring it on !

Bring your calculation , sit have a debate , but never speak evil from anyone's back. It is easy to go against someone , everyone has right to present their own point of view but there is way and that should not be broken.

Specially if someone is very close to you , please never become a person who speaks evil for this close person from behind.

If you really consider someone close to you , say it on the face and if the person is actually wrong , help him correct himself. We all live in a comfortable zone by default but if you want to prove your point come out of it.

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What are your calculations , let the world know it , let everyone know it. You are right , that's great but then correct every wrong person in your life because that's better then humiliating or saying bad words to someone.

The world has changed alot and it will continue to change forever. Nothing will remain as it is here and we will be seeing a new version of this planet in future.

But if the change in others is the reason you are like what you are then my friend , i am really sorry for you. You aren't living on your terms , your principles but on someone else's terms.

Motivate others to become a good person don't get impressed by a bad person i.e don't become a bad person.

Before you sleep today , just close your eyes and ask yourself. What is something you are not doing , you should have done and what is something that you are doing and you should have left it along ago.

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