Episode 43: An Infidel1258 Conversation

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Episode 43: An Infidel1258 Conversation

We welcome in one of the game's biggest names to get things started for the month. He's responsible for bringing in the always relevant philosophy of time & attention to Splinterlands, has set up a banner of successful guilds of the same name and has subsequently become virtually synonymous with the phrase.

We are proud to present to you our conversation with @infidel1258.

The episode begins with a look at Dwayne's driving principle for this game - focusing on how time & attention came about and how it continues to shape the decisions he makes both within, & beyond, Splinterlands.

We get a glimpse into what Infidel is most excited for in the coming months - and his response may surprise you. This leads to discussing his views for the future of the game and we pick up a few tips from the bear market veteran along the way.

Dwayne shared a great quote with his YouTube community a few days ago - we never know the worth of water...until the well is dry - and we take this opportunity to dive into it and its value as a guiding perspective towards our game and beyond.

From there, we shift gears a bit to address, head on, the ever-present conversation that is bots - bot farms, ArchMage, Xbot, etc... and, again, we were left a bit surprised by Infidel's thoughts towards the presence of bots.

We wrap things up in this episode on the topic of land - with so much to discuss after our most recent Townhall where @yabapmatt shared his 90-minute monologue on the subject, we barely scratched the surface, but it makes for a great listen to get Dwayne's thoughts on it all.

Enjoy the episode!

Dwayne's YouTube channel is chockfull of great insights covering all facets of Splinterlands - gameplay, community, economy - and he's orchestrating a fantastic giveaway for a plot of land in a few months time.

If you've not already done so, be sure to tune into his channel and contribute to the conversation, as you'll be rewarded with both valuable perspective & a lottery ticket for a piece of land.

We'll see you there!

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