Preview Episode 40: A Walkingkeys Conversation

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Episode 40: A Walkingkeys Conversation

Our next guest is another that we all know and love. A content creator in his own right and one that enters each and every stream with unparalleled energy and hype. He represents one half of SHQ: NFT Gaming & Collectibles, he is none other than @walkingkeys.

Walkingkeys is a longtime crypto investor and NFT collector, having begun this journey as early as March 2019. Originally building his portfolio on the likes of Steemit in the pre-Hive blockchain days, Keys first obtained his passport to the lands of Praetoria in early 2019.

SHQ was born sometime later, in the late summer of 2021, and has become a mainstay in the Splinterlands content creator space. Walkingkeys hosts the show alongside @gank and together they make for some very entertaining Splinterlands commentary.

We here at the People's Guild have long admired Keys for the manner in which he conducts his business over at SHQ, but this respect was taken to another level come Splinterfest '22. Walkingkeys exemplified all that is good in our community when he opted to relinquish his seat in the tournament for one of the Japanese players that had traveled from across the globe and was left unregistered at the last moment. Class act. And exactly the type of community member that keeps us in this game. Please remind us & share the story in the comments, if you would - @halfblue? @schnapoon?

Furthermore, another story of the legend of Walkingkeys at Splinterfest that has stuck with us - we had @darkestnyte on immediately on the heels of the event, and he shared multiple mentions regarding the beverage bestowed upon him via WK.

It's all about community, after all.

Some other facts about the man that will soon be gracing the People's Guild with his presence:

  • Top 5% Holder
    • VeVe,
    • DCHro
    • Metaplaces
  • Bat Cowl Holder
  • Beat the Legend of Zelda on NES in under an hour without dying

No wonder his channel has HQ right there in the name. We're pumped for this one!

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All the Japanese went back to their hotels during the lunch break at Splinterfest. They must have been sleepy because they were not used to the time difference.
I was too excited to sleep before the tournament, so I stayed at the venue.
Then, one of my friends at the venue told me about the entry. By then, there were already 10 minutes left before the entry deadline. I was the only one who could enter just in time.
I rushed to contact halfblue but couldn't make it in time. He thought I was saying the wrong thing because I couldn't speak English.
But he noticed the discomfort and rushed back to the venue.
He protested vehemently to the moderator. But he was not accepted.
Walkingkeys stepped in to mediate between the wrangling and suggested that I transfer the account.
He was indeed a savior. He was really cool.
Halfblue was determined to win and dedicate all the prizes to him.
Unfortunately, he got nothing physically in the top 16, but I'm sure he was touched by the warmth of the Splinterlands players!


Ah man, @schnapoon! What a story! Thank you for sharing. We'll definitely be talking to @walkingkeys about this in our upcoming episode.

This is exactly the kinda story about the community that we love to hear - and reinforces everything that we've believed about the community all along!

The Splinterlands community is awesome.


Thanks for the replies too!
Oh, and if you have any other questions, anything else you want to ask, just ask.