Preview Episode 42: A Hepthorn Conversation


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Episode 42: A Hepthorn Conversation

Rounding out the month, we bring back an old buddy and guildie from Phoenix Arcade & our days at Rizen. We owe our next guest a tremendous debt of gratitude, as he was the first to reach out, show support & share words of encouragement.

Please join us in welcoming back to the show, our friend and founding member of the People's Guild's unofficial fan club, @hepthorn.

We had an absolute blast with Hepthorn in our last episode with him, so needless to say, we're very excited to be getting him back to the show for an encore episode.

Hep originally got into Splinterlands in January of 2022 as a way to gain practical knowledge about crypto and to find a blockchain game to get invested into. It wasn't long before he found himself sucked into the gameplay and our amazing community. He's since become an everyday player and represents exactly what we here at the People's Guild love about Web3, Hive and Splinterlands.

We've got plenty to talk about with our old friend in this episode, including the impending soulbound reward cards, the exit of the only reward cards we've known, new rulesets, 3 rulesets, and so much more.

Sure to be a good time with Hep.

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