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Greetings, Splinterlands!

In this edition of Guild’s Gold, Agaprime, an artist and content creator from the Splinterlands' community, expands on how a chance listen to the world renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown, led him on a journey in unleashing his inner potential.

A journey that has brought him all the way to the lush lands of Praetoria.

If any of you out there are looking for a change of direction, motivation or even the skills some of the world's greatest use, Les Brown is the man to listen to. Another one of my faves is Jim Rohn, who also helped me when I was floating through life like a balloon lost at the fairground.

As Agaprime perfectly describes it, "it's not that I hadn't heard these words before, it's just at that time of my life, I was ready to accept them."

Beautiful, just beautiful. Enjoy this one people and if you like what you hear, why not listen to the full podcast. Link below.

#39 An Agaprime Conversation

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