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Greetings, Splinterlands!

We welcome Krympton to the People's Guild this week, a fellow YGGer and one of the co-leaders of Asgard, Splinterlands' current No. 1 guild!

Having only entered YGG a few months previously, it was Krympton who welcomed us into the fold, providing the pipe, slippers and smoking jacket to make us feel right at home from the off.

The importance of community is the ever returning theme in the vast majority of our podcasts, and it is the determining factor for Krympton staying in the game and I dare say, the reason for many others too.

The question was asked to Krympton as to why he believes the Splinterlands' team are focusing heavily on increasing player participation in guilds and his response made sense on so many levels.

Guilds in essence offer support, and from that, bonds are built, thus creating a community that is strong at its core.

We see this in all walks of life, in the army, football/soccer supporters, and the friends you make at school, to name a few. Experiences through these communities create bonds that are hard to break, especially through hard times.

Why do, for example, football/soccer supporters continually go and watch their team, which sit bottom of the league, freezing their cahoonahs off in the freezing cold of January? Well, it's not for the spectacle that's happening on the pitch! It's the community and friendships that have been made along the way, the need that we as humans have to belong to a group that dates back to our ancestors and our ancestors' ancestors.

This being said, it makes sense that the team would focus their efforts on increasing player participation in guilds. Building bonds and a strong community are vital for sustained growth and it could very well be a savvy play from Mat, Aggie and the team to do this.

What do you guys think? Why are the Splinterlands' team focusing their efforts heavily on player participation in guilds? We'd definitely be interested to hear what you have to say on the subject.

This was just one of the topics that we discussed during this podcast, brawls, soul bound reward cards, Krympton's arrival in YGG and what it takes to be an Asgardian were also dissected and discussed.

Click on the link above for the full podcast and let us know your thoughts.

Also, if there's any of you out there who would like to jump on our podcast and chew the fat, feel free to reach out.

We are the People's Guild...the guild, for the people!


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