Let's talk a little about successes and failures | Is that what life is all about?

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Hello everyone!

I promised myself to participate in the following weeks after writing my first post for WEEKEND EXPERIENCES last week, and personally I don't want to lose this habit as it is more of a challenge for me than anything else.

This time I want to talk about successes and failures in our lives: How do they affect us? How do we have to let ourselves go through them? And, even more important: Do we have to give importance to them?

I will most probably go on a more personal side while writing this post, so: Here we go!



To talk about failures is, indirectly, to feel that we are talking about something pessimistic and that we should not be proud of.

Have you ever stopped to think deeply about all that a failure could have meant? Whether it be love/emotional, personal/financial... what have these represented for you?

Life is about constant struggle and great uncertainty for what tomorrow will be. Failing is something that, no matter how hard we try to avoid it: It will end up happening... and it's something that, in a way, benefits us.

How do you think you fix your mistakes? How do you think you change those reprehensible attitudes? How do you invent better ways to move forward in your life? You do all of this through failure.

While it is true that preparing for a situation will guarantee you to be a resounding success, there will be times when life will not line up for your path to be as you prepared it. It will probably punch you in the face when you least expect it, and this is where you have to take the blow and hit back. Failures are inevitable, and you HAVE to face them in order to get the experience of having gone through it: For if you have never failed, how will you get experience?

In chess this is quite common. It doesn't matter how high in the elite you are playing, how much theory and how many books of chess strategy you have learned: On the battlefield ANYTHING can happen and any small alteration can change everything you had prepared at some point: And you think you should give up at this point?

Failures are an obstacle, a bump that as humans we can jump over and that life will place us to start coming up with new ideas, inspire us to a better extent... and especially learn from such situations. Never give up is the key to overcome failure, because although it may not seem so, the only thing that has no solution in our life is death.

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Success is simply building on the large amount of failures you will have in your life.

I'm currently feeling pretty efficient about a small project I've had in mind for a very, very long time (it's something outside of Hive). I consider myself someone who doesn't usually think "big scale", I'm kind of a pessimist who can't imagine myself participating or owning large scale projects that involve a lot of people: And it's not because I don't have a leadership mentality, I'm not saying this is an impediment, I just don't feel capable of achieving such incredible things in my life.. or at least not at this point.

But that has changed tremendously from a week and a half ago to now. This project I'm working on is something I had tried before, and all my attempts were total failures and constantly each one of these failures demotivated me much more from the goal I wanted to achieve. I don't know why, but for some reason the spark was reignited and after trying for so long, I managed to achieve a small success: A different result to what I was used to, and all this thanks to the great amount of failures I had already had before.

Do you see what I'm getting at? After so long, a small success is what managed to change ALL the perspective I had until now. This little project I'm working on is REALLY small, we are only about 4 people (and we are all real life acquaintances XD), but it is something that with perseverance and dedication can be transformed into something too big... and this is what has allowed me to think about being part of things on a large scale.

I don't want to talk directly about what it is because I don't want to "mock" anything, but I know that the day will come when I will be able to talk openly about it in Hive. For now, I'll just limit myself to say never give up, life operates in mysterious ways and at some point you will get those results you've always been looking for, it's just a matter of focus and keep working on your goal: For that's what success is all about.

Don't be afraid of failure and keep pushing. It's a struggle in which you are proving yourself to prove that you are capable of anything.

Never give up :)

Thank you so much for reading all of this.


PD: Shiit, I finished this post 20 minutes before the end of this week's competition XD sorry about that.


I agree that failures are going to happen; it's inevitable, but it's just as important to not give up. Understanding why the failure happened is just as important, and is how about all knowledge we've obtained as a species has happened.

Good luck with the venture! Big or small, it's yours, and I'm sure you're proud of it.


The failure is a path to reach the success,therefore we don't must feel sad,but with the hope that the bets is coming. Greetings.


El fracaso es algo común cuando iniciamos algo nuevo. Puede causar frustración y terminar en resentimiento. Pero por el lado positivo, a partir de nuestros fracasos podemos muy a pesar nuestro aprender y crecer.

El fracaso es un componente de cualquier éxito. A pesar de no ser admirador de Sr. que creo la primera bombilla funcional eléctrica, reconozco lo cierto que decía.

"No he fracasado cien veces al crear la bombilla: he descubierto cien maneras en que no se debe hacer".

Sin el fracaso no nos endurecemos y no podemos tener un éxito consistente en el futuro.
Pero lo reconozco, a nadie le gusta el fracaso, es algo muy cierto.