1. Portuguese commemorative coins (200 Escudos Henrique o Navegador)


My grandfather was always a passionate collector of ancient coins. He spent years collecting rare and valuable pieces from around the world, and his collection was something he was truly proud of. He recently offered me the opportunity to inherit this collection and I was honored and thrilled by the offer.
He never cataloged them, and honestly, I don't know how to do that either, but I like revisiting the past in them.
In addition to the value of old coins, they always have a slightly different story as they speak of certain periods or even representation of animals, which in my opinion makes them more beautiful than they are now in Europe.

The arms of Portugal are shown under a cross of the Order of Avis. On the right, there are two ships that were used in explorations to Africa and the West: a Latin caravel and a square caravel.

Henrique the Navigator, son of João I of Portugal, is depicted in a 3/4. He promoted Portuguese explorations along the coast of Africa and westwards. To the right of the portrait is his coat of arms and the "talant de bie fere" motorcycle that is currently used by the Portuguese Navy.

Well , that 's all for today , get to know a little more about the history of Portugal I hope you like it😀