Banks of the Tâmega Amarante River - Portugal


The riverside area of ​​Amarante is a truly charming place, it looks like the setting for a romance film, nature combines with the architecture of the houses that reflect on the Tâmega river, calm and serene, ideal for a beautiful walk along its banks where nature is an integral part. from the bottom.
It is a place of great beauty and tranquility that attracts many tourists who want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

One of the great highlights of the place is the way the houses reflect in the dark waters of the Tâmega River, creating a perfect image, the houses are built in the typical Portuguese style, and typical of the north, thin but tall, with a Portuguese tile roof.

But the Tâmega river is not just a mirror for the houses that surround it, it offers a wide range of water sports, despite the river's shallow depth, it is possible to enjoy trips in a wooden rowing boat painted in bright colors, or even pedal seagull. .
The feeling of calm and serenity in the riverside area of ​​Amarante is accentuated by the couple of ducks that make this place their home.
And a curious fact is that despite being brave, they are not afraid of the people who pass by, making it possible to capture perfectly, as can be seen in the images, the duck with its majestic feathers typical of this wild animal.
that it is possible to see all the harmony that surrounds the place, in addition to being protected from confusion.
On the day in question, it had rained hours before and there were few people walking along the banks.


The funniest thing is that when I was walking along the bank, the duck came out of the river behind me, looking for me to give it food :) I even managed to touch it without running away, a unique moment for me as it is a wild animal
The riverside area of ​​Amarante is also the ideal place for picnics, as it has stone benches and chairs for greater comfort, as well as plenty of shade due to the many surrounding trees.

They have a large space where children can play freely, as well as a bar and people selling typical products from the region, such as cheese, ham or the daily newspaper.


We even managed to rent a pedal boat that costs 4 euros for 1.5 hours. where it is possible to walk comfortably along the entire riverside area.
Thank you very much for watching, I hope you like it.
I wait for you in the next post.


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