Funchal Municipality Square

Funchal in itself is beautiful


Time doesn't seem to have passed through the city center, it's as if the discoveries needed to happen at that moment, it wasn't the roads with yellow taxis, used in this location.
A curious fact is that Uber and other platforms are prohibited from operating there.
I now find myself in the middle of Praça do Município, right in the heart of the city where culture is present everywhere on this magnificent island.
Although the weather is a bit turbulent, temperatures are around 24 degrees, ideal for walking as it is not raining or very hot.
Ideal for exploring any corner of this beauty built by nature and humanized by the Portuguese people.




The town hall building dominates the square with its brown and coffee tones and the Portuguese flag flying that the wind carries from one side to the other. He is the political heart of the city.
Therefore, it is not limited to being just another administrative building.
Madeira is an autonomous region and therefore has its own laws
independent of Portugal.
For example, taxation is done differently there.
They themselves are against the 28% taxation of bitcoin, so they want lower taxation and this is being discussed in the council, at least as far as I know.

Looking around, there is a metal sign that officially indicates this area as “Praça do Município”. Despite being small, it is metallic and over time has taken on green tones, I believe it is made of copper or brass, just like the public lighting.


It is possible to see this metal throughout the historic area of ​​Mandeira, making it seem like the years never pass by.


In the heart of the square it is possible to admire the grand presence of an armillary sphere, located in a type of fountain with water. The architectural monument symbolizes the Portuguese Discoveries, remembering times of exploration and courage. The objective of the armillary sphere is to represent navigation in a visible way, while at the same time paying a fair tribute to the brave explorers who risked their lives in discoveries to praise the Portuguese empire with their discoveries.

At the top you can see the coat of arms of Portugal, one of the symbols we see most, as it values ​​our history and national heritage.

However, my opinion is that we made many mistakes in the past, even during the discoveries, but we are not going to erase facts from our history, even if they are disputed by many, we cannot rewrite the past, but I hope we do it the best in the future.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next post :)


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I really liked your photos and your post in general.

My dad was born in Funchal and whenever he talks to me about his home country, he tells me that Funchal and Madeira Island are beautiful places. I'm glad you were able to be in "Praça do Município", it looks very nice.

You added some history of that beautiful country, which made me like your post even more. Thank you so much for sharing, best regards!


Thank you very much for your support, I really enjoyed knowing that you are of Portuguese descent


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