oracle cards -Hibernation and Regeneration


Hemlo bees~

You know, ppl say

after very happy days, sad days are likely to follow? or the opposite emotion XD?


stress and anxiety scream
today so many things have been going through my mind and in my life, so I decided to take out my beautiful oracle and read what it had to tell me, I could have used the tarot cards but, I find the oracle messages sweeter, and less .... hard XD
I wasn't in the mood to read how much I'm screwing up through life LOL

Hibernation and Regeneration


"sometimes you just need to pull back from the world for a while. Rest, regroup, recharge, so you can return stronger and more capable of dealing with whatever awaits you outside your cave"


Action: take a nap, meditate, or simply curl up someplace quiet with a good book. Take a few min to pet a cat ot play with a dog.

Give yourself a break from pushing forward at full speed without feeling guilty about it.

The world is a bussy and hectic place, and we all need downtime to give our spirit a little space for its important work behind the scenes.


The messages are quite straightforward, and it just makes it clear to me that when you feel that you are doing everything right, XD many things can go wrong and not exactly because they are bad... it's more like... the change and evolution of the mind itself is near, and I just hang on the thread of denial.

This deck of cards I bought at a store near my house, C: and since then they have been an honest companion XD
too honest....

I appreciate it uwu, I won't talk too much about my existential crisis today XD but ... me from the future... I hope you're happy with everything you're living C: and don't regret absolutely nothing, because if you regret it XD I'll create a time machine to destroy my own stupid ass XD

The card deck is called : everyday witch oracle cards

by Debora Blake
The artwork is by Elisabeth alba