Chicken and 5 chicks


Having a pet is a lot of fun. When you have a pet, it's like having a friend, a friend. We've been keeping chickens for as long as I can remember. For some years, we interrupted the feeding, where they damaged the field and crops. We started feeding again 6 -7 years ago. We eat chickens' eggs. When the number of roosters increases in the henhouse, we also slaughter the roosters and eat their meat. Although, I have never eaten the meat of any animal that I have fed.

Most of our chickens love to brood. Some of our chickens died in winter due to illness. We had only one rooster in the henhouse, and he died. He could not have intercourse with chickens because he had an incurable disability. Therefore, the eggs made by chickens are unfertilized eggs. That's why we got the eggs from the neighbors.

Chicks usually break their shells on the 21st day and begin to hatch. Our chicks hatched on the 22nd day, and some hatched on the 23rd day.

The last born chick is larger than its siblings. Differently, they have hairs on their feet, the kind we can call long johns. A bit of a glutton, a very cute chick.

In the daytime the chicks cat is a great danger. Although their mothers are careful about this, some cats have high hunting skills. At night, marten is a danger to both chickens and chicks. When the marten enters the hens and chicks, there is little chance of survival.