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For Saturday movie night this past weekend, we decided to skip Svengoolie as he was showing Godzilla, which we have seen way too many times, and pooled the house +1 (we have a couple of friends over for Saturday movie night on a regular, this time only one of whom was in attendance). My daughter, Little Miss, suggested The Owl House. I asked her where she learned about this series, and told me from a friend at school. Asked how her friend learned about it and Little Miss gave me a typical teenager non-informative response. I guess how her friends found out about it will remain one of those teenage mysteries, things I no longer understand (or is it allowed to understand) these days, being a parent. Needless to say, The Owl House was selected for the evening, and we watched the first five episodes of Season One, with a break for homemade ice cream midway through.

The Owl House title - IMDB

The first two episodes focus on developing the main characters led by Luz (Sarah-Nicole Robles), the human teenage girl who doesn’t fit in at school; Eda (Wendie Malick) the Owl Lady, a bit of a mysterious witch with pointy ears, who is wanted by the law; and King (Alex Hirsch), who believes himself to be the King of Demons, and resembles a cat with a skull on his head. These first two episodes are critical in understanding the world that Luz finds herself in, how she ended up there, and why she chose to stay there while her mother believes she is at a three month summer camp to turn cool kids into squares, I mean, normal “think inside the box” kids.

Luz, Eda, and King - IMDB

Starting with the third episode, we find there is a Magic School, and Luz makes some new friends, and a nemesis, kids her age who attend this magic school, Willow (Tati Gabrielle) who is adept at plant magic, Gus (Issac Brown) who runs the Human Appreciation Society (I think I got that right) and Amity (Mae Whitman), who is possessive of her position of Star Student.

At this point going forward, there are several story arcs being set up, one dealing with Luz and her friends, and the Magic School, and another dealing with Eda’s backstory, her sister, Lilith, and why she is a wanted fugitive by the Emperor. Having watched only through episode five, I have no idea where all this series is going to go.

Overall, though, for these first few episodes, I found the series to be well written with good voice performances and animation. The stories are fun and interesting, albeit a bit predictable, but hey, their target audience are kids and young adults, not an Old Goat like me. The world setting is also interesting, and a bit weird, but then it is supposed to be a bit weird.

Fun show so far, and may be worth your checking out. It is on Disney+, which is where we watched it.

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