cryptocurrency in a bear zone

cryptocurrency has been in bear market for some time now due to some reasons for example when elon musk tweeted that tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin as payment , it was a huge blow to Bitcoin and as we all know that Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrency, let me explain something for those that a new to cryptocurrency,
we have three types of cryptocurrency, we have"

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Alt coin
  3. Token

Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency is the father of all cryptocurrency, its the first blockchain so it has alot of effect on other new cryptocurrency when anything happens to it.

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2.Alt coin are the cryptocurrency with their own blockchain, they process their transactions on their blockchain examples are ethereum eth , litecoin ltc,ripple, solana and others any cryptocurrency that has it own blockchain technology is an alt coin.

3.Token are cryptocurrency that are built on another blockchain they do not have their own blockchain their transactions are processed on another blockchain example of a token is safemoon which is built on binance blockchain we also have feg, safemars, safemooncash and so on .


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