Buying Kebaya After Six Years


Kebaya is one of the fashion icons for Indonesian citizens. Although there are many different and equally beautiful traditional clothes, however, the kebaya often ranks first in the list of women's formal attire.

Me too. It's been a long time since I bought a kebaya for formal occasions. Yesterday, my friend recommended a kebaya which he said was beautiful and suitable for me. He also recommended good colors and shops. Finally, I obeyed what my friend said, to be honest I don't really know about kebaya and good models.

I ordered the pink fan color along with the batik skirt which is a combination of black and dominant gray. When my order arrived and I tried it on, it turned out that the design of the dress was indeed beautiful with sequins on the chest and tiled material which made this kebaya a sweet impression.

how? Do you also think it fits?
I wore a gray scarf that matched the skirt.

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