WE-140 || Many People Around Me Talk About My Dimples

Hello Hive friends...! I hope you are healthy and happy.

Back to writing for another great weekend. for weekend experiences issue 140, I decided to choose The Ladies.

Because I don't have many best features, but I know I have the most significant ones and according to people this is my trademark. Yupp... My Dimples


They says...

My family, my friends, even acquaintances I have just met, or strangers I have just greeted often say that my smile is pleasant and seems genuine. I was born with complete dimples on the left and right, even though according to the article actually dimples are a defect that occurs in the nerves in the cheeks, but research also says that dimples are a defect that many people really want.

So, it's no wonder that now, there are so many people (public figures or lay people) who are willing to spend money to get artificial dimples with minor surgery.

I feel grateful because I got it for free. Even though I have a tough type of face, but when a small smile appears on my face, my image immediately becomes friendly. LOL .

Two of the best personalities I have?

Maybe this description is a bit narcissistic because I've never really asked people about my best personality or anything like that. But, I will answer two things that I think have a good impact.

  • I Feed Stray Cats

Actually, this is not an activity that I have been doing since the first. It's only been a few years since I started feeling the urge to participate in feeding hungry stray cats. Au does not have a specific time to go around for this activity. I just carry cat food in my bag when traveling. Apparently, this is very good for me because it makes me feel happy to see a hungry cat get food, and of course it is also useful for the cats.

  • I'm good at listening

It's such a trivial thing that maybe almost everyone can. However, according to my friends, I am very good at listening when they tell me about problems and the like, they say I am the neutral type and good at taking points of view. They claimed to be the same when they told me because I didn't respond quickly with judgment. I also know that because without being asked they told me first. So my second best personality is being a good listener.

That's all for this week, see you next week.


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