Ask Leo: Can Dollar Cost Averaging be used as a form of increasing one’s portfolio


What is Dollar Cost Averaging?
According to leoglosseryit says it is
An investment strategy of buying a fixed amount of a certain asset at regular intervals. This is done regardless of price.

For many, this removes the emotions tied to investing. By setting up something that is automated, one knows the asset will be acquired, moving the average price around.

It is a strategy suited for long-term holdings.

Dollar Cost Averaging can really be used to build one’s portfolio thereby increase gradual wealth.
It requires an investor dividing his cash into different places and using it to buying smaller quantity at a regular interval there by helping him to buy at a lower price instead buying it at ones. And it usually help the long term investor.
I watch khal on TIKTOK laying emphasis on how he make use of Dollar Cost Averaging in building its wealth. And even telling people to make use of it in increasing their portfolio thereby leading to great wealth.


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