The bear market gives us great opportunity to acquire more coin leading to massive profit


Bear market gives us the great opportunity to acquire more coin which leads to massive profit at the end of the bear market.

what is bear market

When a market is on an extended run with prices declining. This is usually accompanied by an overall feeling of pessimism.

The main driver tends to be fear when the bear is running.

With equities, a bear is indicated by a 20% decline in the overall pricing of the market. It is uncertain how this equates to cryptocurrency since there is much greater volatility and large swings are natural.
During the bear market there is downtrend in price of crypto and at this period small cash can be used to acquire more coin and this is a great opportunity to acquire more crypto and at the end during the bull market one can sell it and an investor can make massive profit from it.
During the bear market an investor can make use of Dollar Cost Averaging to as a buying strategy which involves you to divide your money into different places and you buy at a regular interval which makes you to take advantage of the market and leads to making massive profit.


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