Ask Leo: Did the bear market situation affect both old and newbies Investors ?

The rich also cry 😭 both
Old and newbies are affected when the bearish market is around
Cryptocurrency volatility nature has given every investor a mindset that anything can happen at any time so the bear market situation shouldn't caught us unaware beacuse no one can be sure of what will happen the next minute
I will like to encourage the newbies with this write up because to many of them this situation is new to them and some of them are just joining us it's quite unfortunate that you came in a time like this but i assure you that thing will be back to normal and we shall all smile again
My advice to the newbies is that giving up is never an option sizes the opportunity to build your profile accumulate more use this medium to learn from what people are talking about keep saving up till the situation is over and you will be a better person after the bear market is over .
The reason why i said this statement is this
(the rich also cry)
A newbie asked me that will the bear market affect everyone especially the whales and the strong investors? Then i replied him that bear market situation will affect both old and new rich and poor so far you are in the system or you are into cryptocurrency the bear market deals with us the same way and not only the low class investors with lower income or assets in cryptocurrency we experience we go through all situation together
After my explanation to him he was so pleased and happy i was able to explain to him what he was worried about.
Please let us keep assisting the newbies to solve issues like this always have time to answer their questions as we know that we both need one another to grow the community and we need to onboard #newlions to the cub and with this we can grow the #Leofinance community together because our growth is important let's be a part of this development.
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Yes, it affects everyone. The difference will depend on how each class of investor navigates the system regardless of what the market is doing.