Crypto Brewmaster Free Giveaway Daily - Round 55

Giveaway number 55 is already underway. Today the prize is 10 CBM.

Remember to put your account number to make the payment.

Cryptobrewmater is a simulation game to brew the best beers you've ever tasted. It is a free game although you can invest in it if you want to advance faster or improve your recipes.

The award:
10 CBM
I will give Tips to the participants

The rules:
Simple, just leave a comment saying you want to participate with your account number.

It is appreciated:
Any advice for improvement.

Participants in previous contests:

@blitzzzz @luizeba @amaillo @dubble @siramadeus @subidu @rayius @technocrypton @yeckingo1 @lokywolf2295 @markizdeone @alinalazareva @shubhwaj @servelle @szmobacsi @arcgspy @sapi1337 @arpuch @queenjennyfer @chidiadi1 @memess.curator

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