Genesis League Sports (GLS) Set To Launch its First Game in 2023: Details


Genesis League Goal (GLG), the soccer-based card strategy game of the recently launched Hive blockchain-powered sports gaming platform, Genesis League Sports (GLS) is set to be released by the team. The game comes to set the stage for more sports-related games on the platform.


Per an update, the emerging play-to-earn platform disclosed that the Genesis League Goal (GLS) football game will land its Genesis League Sports platform in 2023, becoming the first-ever game on the platform. It is worth noting that the Genesis League Goal (GLS) blockchain game, scheduled for early 2023 would be rolled out in partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA).

According to the team, the game would be designed such that players can truly own, trade, and hold in-game assets and also earn real-world rewards. To play this highly anticipated game, you must have an account on the Genesis League Sports platform. However, the full release of the platform is planned for next year alongside the Genesis League Goal game.

The team added, "the company will also use this technological foundation to bring about operability between the other sports games planned for the platform."

Genesis League Sports (GLS) Tokenomics System Launched

Notably, the Genesis League Sports blockchain gaming platform and ecosystem, designed to host a plethora of several sports-related games, is a project developed by the team behind the leading play-to-earn collectible card game, Splinterlands.

In recent outcomes, the tokenomics system of the Genesis League Sports (GLS) blockchain gaming ecosystem has been launched. As stated earlier by the team in a Tuesday Press Release, the developments that have been rolled out in relation to the tokenomics system of the new blockchain gaming platform include token staking, integration of additional in-game currencies, and launch of the native stablecoin, GLUSD.

Following this, the Genesis League Sports website users can now stake the GLS governance token, $GLX, enabling them to claim both the $GLX and the Genesis League Game Time tokens ($GLGT) as staking rewards. Also, the $GLX token is now available for trading on the hive-engine marketplace, TribalDeX, and LeoDex.

More so, users can now burn $GLX tokens and mint the stablecoin, $GLUSD. Holding the Genesis League Sports Stablecoin is important given that it serves as the main in-game currency of the emerging Web 3.0-based mobile sports gaming platform created in 2022.

In addition, card packs are currently available for presale on the platform. It bears mentioning that more that 200,000 card packs have sold so far. In reacting to these developments, Jesse "Aggroed" Reich, CEO of Genesis League Sports (GLS) and GameFi company, Splinterlands, stated;

"We are truly cutting a path for the new era of sports gaming by building Genesis League Sports on Web3 in order to enhance the gamer experience," he said. "We are intentional and thoughtful in our approach to our tokenomics system, and we are always thinking of the game's longevity and our professionalism as a company navigating the new frontier of blockchain technology. This launch will be a great next step for our GLS community."

Recall that the Splinterlands 100 million GLX token airdrop is underway. To be eligible, you have to stake the Splinterlands native token, SPS.

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