How To Chart A New Course For Your Finances


Life is a function of principles and only those who pay attention as well as follow the principles for success get to excel in whatever area of life. In this case, money and/or finance has its own unique principles. If you must excel financially, then you must obey the principles of wealth creation. There are no two ways about it as there are no shortcuts to making sustainable wealth. It is one thing getting wealthy but it is another thing to get sustainable wealth. Yes, people can get money through illegal means but how sustainable is such wealth?


It is a new year and we are already 17 days gone. What changes do you want to see in your finances? Or are you satisfied with your financial level? If yes, good for you. On my side, I'm not satisfied and I desire to get to a higher financial standard in order to live more comfortably and impact lives too. Then again, it is not enough to just desire wealth; there's work to be done which is why I'm penning this article down as a guide for me and others who may find it useful.

For some, the year started out well while it started out slow for some persons. Whatever the case may be, if you want to see and record tangible changes financially and otherwise then there are certain things to be done. You cannot expect a different result if you keep doing the same thing. It's time to change your gameplay.

There are principles you should be aware of as well as practice. Every successful person have one thing in common and that's their ability to follow principles. If it worked for others then it can work for you too. Together, we will be discussing ways by which we can get to up our financial standard.

As we all know, money is a very critical component of our existence. There's no aspect of life that doesn't need money; not one. Money is needed for almost everything ranging from education, well-being, self-esteem et cetera. For this reason, it is important that we pay attention to how we can actually accumulate wealth and be free. Meanwhile, it is also true that we will always have the poor among us. You can always decide which side you want to be.

Things To Do for A Better Financial Level

Be Intentional: I think that the first step to gaining a comfortable financial life is being intentional. You have to be intentional about growing for growth to actually take place in certain aspects of your life. In the case of money, you have to be intentional about making money for money to come by. No one gets rich by chance or by mistake or just suddenly. Every wealthy person today, at some point in his/ her life showed deep intentionality towards being wealthy. Meaning, what you are not intentional about, you can't see a change.

You discover that, when you are intentional about wealth creation, your actions will begin to change positively. You begin to put more effort to what you do and in turn get better results. Also, you see yourself being more committed and consistent in your work. So, it all begins with intentions; it starts with seeing reasons why you should get your finances up the ladder. Worthy of note is that, if you are not intentional, another person cannot be intentional for you.

Work and Investments: Secondly, I'd like to add that in creating wealth, you have to work and you also need to invest. First thing to invest in is yourself and you can do that by reading books, attending seminars, taking courses/ lessons etc. The best investment ever is investing in yourself. Investing in yourself gives you access to a wealth of knowledge that has the capacity of changing your financial level and your life in its entirety.

Need I remind you also that the only gateway to creating lasting wealth is by investing? They're many ways you can invest that money of yours. Truth is, if you don't invest it, it won't grow. Keep it idle, you'll be using it bits by bits. We have offline businesses and we also have many opportunities online. It's a matter of choosing the path that suits you. Never forget that wealthy men are crazy investors and if you want to be rich, you have to start doing what rich people do. Rich people invest their time, pleasures and money.


Speaking of work, it's a necessity; you just have to work. Not just working, you have to work both hard and smartly. It is only then you will record good results. Nothing can be achieved by being lazy and that includes money. Rich people aren't lazy people; they're hardworking and smart. So, if you don't have a work, it's time to get one. If you can't get it then create one for yourself. Thanks goodness, we live in a world of diverse opportunities but it is a matter of being sensitive to them.

Monitor Your Spendings: You see, it's not how much we make but how much we get to keep. So, what matters is not how much you make but how much you have. Many people make a lot of money but yet keep very little. For a better financial status, you need to pay attention to what you keep. That can be done by monitoring your spendings. You mustn't buy everything you see on the road. You mustn't buy every new product that enters the market except you have enough to spare.

If you must spend, spend your money out of necessity. Use your money more on assets rather than lavishing on liabilities. That way, you can get to make more and also keep more.

Be Patient: Wealth creation is a process so it takes time. It is never a spontaneous action so, learn to be patient. Impatience begets greed and greed causes many to take the wrong decisions and moves. Trust the process and try not to be in a hurry.

Don't Chase Money: Lastly in this post, to create lasting wealth, don't chase money. Sounds awkward, right? But it's a life-changing principle. People who chase money end up making little or nothing so, they keep chasing it all their life. Instead of chasing money, chase what attracts money. Money works by attraction. If you carry what attracts money then money will be chasing you instead. In essence, go for value and get value. Value attracts money.

What can you do and how well can you do it? What solutions can you offer? What problems can you solve? This are the questions you should ask yourself if you desire financial change.

I hope this makes sense to someone out there!

Ndianabasi Tom
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