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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
NEOXAG can be converted to NEOXAG POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-151.348 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 0.03051407 NEOXAG for ivanc/black-eye-butterfly--i-am-an-antenna--video-
Curation reward: 0.25046768 NEOXAG for mawit07/my-daily-rants-on-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.03060764 NEOXAG for healjoal/joalheal-s-giveaway-176-daily
Curation reward: 0.03213708 NEOXAG for diegoloco/rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-n44
Curation reward: 0.09773363 NEOXAG for moeenali/iziar-a-legendary-life-monster-with-taunt-and-void-ability-or-focus-rewards
Curation reward: 0.03932881 NEOXAG for jaydr/phsxuokn
Curation reward: 0.18856960 NEOXAG for mawit07/my-new-splinterlands-additions-mar
Curation reward: 0.03523215 NEOXAG for healjoal/joalheal-s-giveaway-175-daily
Curation reward: 0.03104212 NEOXAG for diegoloco/rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-n43
Curation reward: 0.03426801 NEOXAG for jaydr/amefekuf
Curation reward: 0.07512316 NEOXAG for moeenali/riverboat-captain-a-rare-water-monster-with-magic-blast-ability-or-focus-rewards-and-5x-gladius-packs
Staked 24.63291267 NEOXAG to tonybad
Curation reward: 0.02667480 NEOXAG for asdfghjkiraaa/crazy-keyboard-kiras-rising-star-giveaway-03202023
Curation reward: 0.20308756 NEOXAG for mawit07/investing-in-splinterlands-artworks
Curation reward: 0.24877975 NEOXAG for pouchon/hive-three-years-in-the-making
Curation reward: 0.02743957 NEOXAG for healjoal/joalheal-s-giveaway-174-daily
Curation reward: 0.03024750 NEOXAG for diegoloco/rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-n42
Curation reward: 0.08413927 NEOXAG for moeenali/usut-a-legendary-death-monster-with-flying-and-healing-ability-from-focus-rewards
Curation reward: 0.02952870 NEOXAG for kaiggue/n-8-rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-ends-in-2-days-espeng
Curation reward: 0.07114612 NEOXAG for r1s2g3/rising-star-giveaway-win-10000-starbits-and-my-pack-opening-18-march-est
Curation reward: 0.24193204 NEOXAG for pouchon/wen-btc-hit-usd40k-this-month
Curation reward: 0.18080005 NEOXAG for mawit07/splinterlands-latest-promo-card-mar
Curation reward: 0.18125074 NEOXAG for pouchon/long-road-ahead
Curation reward: 0.02968495 NEOXAG for diegoloco/rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-n41
Curation reward: 0.89103080 NEOXAG for moeenali/splinterlands-social-media-challenge-got-4x-legendary-cards-from-the-last-season-end-rewards-or-musa-saline
Curation reward: 0.04320431 NEOXAG for sekani/swjjfhix
Curation reward: 0.03223875 NEOXAG for pirulito.zoado/who-i-am-5000-starbits
Curation reward: 0.25608340 NEOXAG for mawit07/splinterlands-prices-in-new-bull
Curation reward: 0.04062810 NEOXAG for kaiggue/n-7-rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-ends-in-2-days-espeng
Curation reward: 0.02517170 NEOXAG for healjoal/joalheal-s-giveaway-172-daily
Curation reward: 0.27007927 NEOXAG for youarealive/you-are-alive-weekly-payouts-to-hp-and-rc-delegators-56
Curation reward: 0.20022831 NEOXAG for pouchon/you-think-it-just-happened
Curation reward: 0.09148105 NEOXAG for moeenali/madcap-magus-a-rare-earth-monster-with-life-leech-and-scattershot-ability
Curation reward: 0.02691923 NEOXAG for diegoloco/rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-n40
Curation reward: 0.06775955 NEOXAG for r1s2g3/rising-star-giveaway-win-10000-starbits-and-my-pack-opening-17-march-est
Curation reward: 0.23716756 NEOXAG for mawit07/splinterlands-bots-assistance
Curation reward: 0.02609332 NEOXAG for healjoal/joalheal-s-giveaway-171-daily
Curation reward: 0.07290727 NEOXAG for moeenali/splinterlands-focus-rewards-and-two-chaos-legion-packs
Curation reward: 0.02881387 NEOXAG for kaiggue/n-6-rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-ends-in-2-days-espeng
Curation reward: 0.02805094 NEOXAG for diegoloco/rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-n39
Curation reward: 0.35419394 NEOXAG for noctury/pgm-token-or-hsbi-giveaway-41-ende
Curation reward: 0.21330976 NEOXAG for mawit07/my-eos-rewards-in-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.03102709 NEOXAG for healjoal/joalheal-s-giveaway-170-daily
Curation reward: 0.06556801 NEOXAG for moeenali/splinterlands-legendary-card-giveaway-iza-the-fanged-from-earth-splinter
Curation reward: 0.03226163 NEOXAG for jaydr/wlfzmugq
Curation reward: 0.02843830 NEOXAG for diegoloco/rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-n38
Curation reward: 0.23534519 NEOXAG for mawit07/splinterlands-my-daily-rants-aacf3eb1e078a
Curation reward: 0.03023663 NEOXAG for kaiggue/n-5-rising-star-giveaway-003-starpro-ends-in-2-days-espeng
Curation reward: 0.10437066 NEOXAG for moeenali/finally-bought-level-5-tyrus-paladium-for-usd37-a-rare-life-summoner-from-beta-edition
Curation reward: 0.37426032 NEOXAG for muterra/echo-tamer-sale--partnership-details
Curation reward: 0.14724648 NEOXAG for stickupboys/rising-star-weekly-update-and-raves-are-coming-so-get-your-glow-sticks-out
Staked 4.23552802 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 10.42163271 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 1.2370209 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 15.39106152 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 1.54414427 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 9.90208051 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 4.96236351 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 14.89643635 NEOXAG to tonybad
Received 5.9104492 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken Here are your claimed tokens! (5.910449 more NEOXAG were added to NEOXAG POWER)
Received stake of 5.9104492 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken
Staked 4.13113906 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 17.06645273 NEOXAG to tonybad
Received 16.87671651 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken Here are your claimed tokens! (16.876717 more NEOXAG were added to NEOXAG POWER)
Received stake of 16.87671651 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken
Staked 7266.28604066 NEOXAG to tonybad
Received 7266.28541297 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken Here are your claimed tokens! (7266.285413 more NEOXAG were added to NEOXAG POWER)
Received stake of 7266.28541297 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken
Staked 0.03520755 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00008894 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00022617 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00007721 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00057556 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00033774 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.19807676 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00001868 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00821267 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00015089 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00015231 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.0001121 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.0098569 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 4.687 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.00016998 NEOXAG to tonybad
Staked 0.002 NEOXAG to tonybad