Running in the morning, again…

We have left very early in the morning looking for the coolest temperatures of the day. The weather is so hot that it is difficult to go out at midday, just when I like to run the most, because I quite like to sleep. In any case, since I had to take the children to school, today we got up quite early around 6:30 in the morning. At 7:10 the children take the school bus, and from there I have already headed to the hill near my house to do a little running.

Running at this time of the morning, still fasted, is fantastic. There is no traffic, there are not too many people on the street either, and the lights and shadows are also formidable, going through the park or the mountains. The sounds of the little fauna that remains in the city are still appreciable. Birds and small mammals basically.
Then, we had also the gift of a nice sunrise over the city.

The run went well, much better than last Monday where I had such a bad time due to the heat. In addition, halfway through, I have done some Core exercises to strengthen abdominal lumbar and arms with what has been a smooth but complete workout.

Keep on running!