Uvuru FC wins Ikukuoma Mbaise Unity Cup Tournament (3rd Edition)


The grand finale of Ikukoma Mbaise Unity Football Competition saw Uvuru FC squaring it out with Ogbe Ward 2 FC for the trophy.

The game which kicked off by 4.00pm was a delight to watch. The two teams tried to outdo each other, but failed to convert several chances they created in the first half.

The second half was not in any way different, as the pressure intensified on both sides, yet none could find the back of the net.

The game had to be decided via the penalties.

Full time Scores
Uvuru FC.......0 (pen 6)

Ogbe Ward 2.......0 (pen 5)

Uvuru FC carried the day and were crowned the Champions and winners of the 2022/23 Ikukuoma Mbaise Unity Cup Tournament (3rd Edition).

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