Daily Rewards. Legen- Wait For It...


I thought I'd do a little follow-up to my recent quest potion experiment/deep dive and share my rewards without them for the past few days.

My first day without the quest potions went ok. Pelacor Bandit is a decent enough card. It's not the best, but it's definitely not the worst. This was my first Naga Assassin so I was happy to see that one. Low mana, high speed, ranged dragon? I'll take it.



My second day without the quest potions was pretty bad. I almost went and picked up another pack of them after this, but I talked myself out of it fairly easily. While not as exciting, I plan to track 11 days without them before deciding if I want to give them another shot.



Day 3 with no quest potions and the first chest I open throws the legenday Djinn Biljka at me! Ironically, I was thinking about grabbing one of these in the market last night, but I ended up passing on it. Maybe it's fate.


Quick Comparison

Day 1$0.87
Day 2$1.20
Day 3$11.07
Quest Potion Experiment (Game Only)$-5.55
Quest Potion Experiment (Blogging Included)$3.75*

*Rewards are still accumulating for the next 5 days and do not include rewards from the Deep Dive article.

My Day 3 total was worth double my entire pack of 11 quest potions, but don't forget that the odds of pulling a legendary card are pretty low, so with quest potions you're betting on the odds, not a guarantee.




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