Daily Rewards w/ Quest Potion 9 of 11 🃏 Cards , Cards, & More Cards 🃏

Here we are with the results from last night's Sneak Quest! It was cards I was after and it was cards I got! Good onees too!

Gargoya Devil is still finding its way into my hands. I like pairing it with other close range monsters and magic for Mylor battles.

I waited about a week for my Venari Wavesmith, but it felt like forever. I knew that card was going to be good. Imagine my surprise when I pulled another one! No gold foil, but I'll take it.

Venari Seedsmith is one of my favorite cards out of the new set. I like watching its health shoot up in battle. The 2 ranged damage also gives it a nice little kick.

The rest were some commons that will be added to my growing collection.

Oh yeah, and a potion. Can't forget the potion.

My next quest is coming up later today so maybe today will be the day I snag a legendary! Fingers crossed!!





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