Soul Bound Reward Cards: First Look!!



New Abilities



Conscript is a new ability which will be available on Summoners only, and when a Summoner with the Conscript ability is chosen, it will allow the player to use one more Gladiator card in the battle than normal. This means that Gladiator cards will now be able to be played outside of brawls, including in ranked and tournament battles!



When a character with the Martyr ability dies in a battle, it gives adjacent characters +1 to all stats.

Weapons Training


Like Martyr, the Weapons Training ability also affects adjacent characters and therefore is also heavily dependent on positioning. A character with the Weapons Training ability will "train" any adjacent characters with no attack, thereby giving them an attack of the same type as the character with the Weapons Training ability. The amount of attack that the Weapons Training ability gives to adjacent, no-attack characters, is still TBD based on initial play testing.

New Reward Cards

These new reward cards will be soulbound - meaning they will not be able to be transferred, rented/delegated, burned, or sold until the cards go out of print at which point, you'll have to spend some DEC to unlock each card. Check out the official post for more information.

Also keep in mind that because these cards are still in the "testing phase" that stats and abilities may still (probably will) change.



Eternan Brune

Wizard of Eastwood but for the Fire splinter. With all the armor that's been introduced lately, this will be nice to have. Fire tends to get hung up quite a bit unless you're using Jacek or monsters with Piercing.

Pembrook Nymph

Pembrooke Nymph is a little more niche. Unless you have some decent Gladius cards leveled, +1 HP doesn't give you any benefit over just using Possibilus.

Lobb Lowland

With as slow as the majority of Earth magic is, -1 Speed to your opponent will be a decent effect for all you Quora lovers out there.

Franz Ruffmane

This one is kind of on the same scale as Pembrook Nymph. Unless you have some Gladius cards that you really want to use, you'll be better off going with Rathe. You still get the +1 Armor and you also pick up Void Armor and Amplify.

Octavia Shadowmeld

I'm glad to see the return of -1 Melee for the Death splinter. I was a big fan of Zintar Mortalis so it'll be nice to see the same debuff return to Modern. 6 mana feels a little much but if you have some leveled Gladius cards, you'll likely disagree because Death does have some good ones.

Helios Matriarch

We finally get some speed for the relatively slow Dragon splinter. This will be appreciated but it's another "6 mana feels a little much without Gladius cards" scenario.



Ferox Defender

We're finally getting some Protect for the Fire splinter! I like that it also gets Repair. Makes it a nice 2-for-1 combo.

Fire Caller

This looks like a decent mid-mana ranged monster. It's nice to see some more Fury.


Pyrewatch Devil

A nice little 3 mana Life Leech monster. This should make for some interesting Little League lineups. My only issue with Life Leech on ranged monsters is unless you're in a Close Range ruleset or maybe even Noxious Fumes, all that HP you built up isn't going to win you the battle.


Iidri Fyre

This looks like a really fun card! Taunt + Magic Reflect will definitely help the Fire splinter fight off all of those pesky magic spams. Using Ferexian Hero behind it will be a powerful combo!


Ferexian Hero

Fire finally gets some Reflect Shield too! This is a great card. I'm curious how much of that HP is going to transfer through Weapons Training.

Sorriel the Bale

Double Strike Magic. 'Nuff said.



Swamp Spitter

Water hasn't had a big ranged meta so it'll be interesting to see how this fits in.

Coastal Sentry

I'm looking forward to using this card in any of the Melee rulesets or with Possibilus. Add in some Inspire and this card will be brutal!


Riverboat Captain

I really like the looks of this card. It's definitely reminding me of Ruler of the Seas. Affliction is a nice touch, but it would've been nice to get some Fury for Water at a lower level.


Noa the Just

This looks like a pretty cool card too. Either in the tank position with some Weapons Training behind it, or in the second position with it front and using Possibilus, this looks like a fun card.


Kulu Mastermind

I would've liked to see Reach instead of Oppress here, but we'll see how it plays out. I'm on the fence for this one.

Musa Saline

This card seems a little lacking but could still be fairly decent as well. We'll see.



Fungus Flinger

It's nice to see some more ranged monsters in Earth but I'm not sure how I feel about this card yet.

Terraceous Grunt

This might be the new Unicorn Mustang and I dig it!


Madcap Magus

This looks to be a fun card, even if it is slow. Life Leech is such a cool ability and Scattershot should help it to build up some HP a little more reliably when your opponent is using a Void tank.


Thane Newsong

It's like Brownie 2.0 except you don't get the Speed until later on. I think Inspire is a great ability and having it a low level will help encourage lineups other than magic spams.


Ava the Undaunted

This card feels kind of meh but we'll see.

Terraceous Hulk

This thing looks nuts and I can't wait to run it with Immortalis.



Imperial Knight

Life greatly needed a card like this! Even with the overlap from Rathe, this is going to be a great tank.

Drybone Barbarian

This card will be a beast in any of the melee from anywhere rulesets.


War Pegasus

This card doesn't seem all that special. It should hit pretty hard with General Sloan at the helm though.


Evelyn Auvera

This card should be a lot of fun too, especially with some Weapons Training. With all the Repair available, Life is shaping up to be a pretty tough splinter.


Aves Sturgis

Magic Weapon Training? Yes, please!


This card looks extremely powerful, especially with Magic Reflect. With Rathe in charge, this card is going to be nasty in the upper leagues.



Possessed Puppet

This freaky little puppet is going to be devastating in the Melee rulesets.

Wily Coyotian

Wily Coyotian is going to be a force to be reckoned with in Little League. Low man, high HP and armor? I'll take it.


Ravenhood Warden

I think this is probably one of the best cards in the set. Death desperately needed a Protect monster. Let's goooo!



This one is a little weird. I think it'll be decent in Gold league or above but kind of meh in the lower leagues.


Skok Duskblight

Finally, a Death monster with decent attack AND decent HP. We don't really see that all too often. It's a shame that Resurrect doesn't come into play until later levels.


Usut looks like a beast, but it would've been nice to see Heal come into play sooner.



Gobson Bomber

I like the art on this one. It also looks like another "Gold league and above" card.

Dumacke Orc

This card reminds me of Enchanted Defender. It's a shame it doesn't get Thorns sooner but it'll still work to throw off Opportunity lineups.


Venari Marksrat

Just like the similar Fire and Earth monsters, this feels kind of meh but we'll see. I"m sure it'll get some use, but it's nothing to write home about.


Clockwork Aide

Swiftness AND Slow?! That's wild! I really like that we get some more cleanse also. I definitely see this getting some play with Earth and Death for some of those Noxious Fumes battles where you don't have any other options.


Drybone Raider

This is another "Melee from anywhere" powerhouse. It'll also work well in Close Range rules. Look at all that damage!



Kra'ar Xoc

I can already tell this is going to be a favorite. Double up on some Weapons training and let it rip! Scavenge + Camo is going to make this thing a real pain for your opponent.


Berix Snakeye

The real treat with this one is the weapons training. That will allow you to double up on Weapons Training for whatever Splinter you choose.


Closing Thoughts

I think this is a decent set that's going to add a lot of fun and variety to the game. My only concern is them being Soul Bound. I think the inability to buy cards or rent the required level for your league is going create a noticeable card advantage for players smurfing lower league tournaments.

That's also how I feel about Gladius cards being introduced in ranked play and tournaments. Despite entering every Brawl possible since their inception, I've still yet to collect a full set or even get the ones I do have leveled to max Bronze.

I'm also not a fan of earning rewards that I not only have to wait 1-2 years before I'm able to buy more, rent them out, or sell them, I also have to pay DEC for each card I want to unlock.

Thankfully, community proposals are a thing now so hopefully we can change that once enough people realize how much of a bad move these specific mechanics are.


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