How To Make " Nhut"- A Traditional Dish In My Hometown

Hello everyone, What is your today? I am a newbie, this is the first time I post in this community. I hope to get your support.
During the covid epidemic, what can you do? Because I can't go to school, I stay at home to do housework, and that helps my mother prepare food. I want to introduce to you a special dish that is only available in my hometown. That dish is called "Nhút" in Vietnamese. The dish is made of jackfruit fiber mixed with some other foods, salted and sour.


In Vietnamese family meals, in addition to the main dishes such as soup, fish, meat, or stir-fry, the accompanying pickles are also extremely rich. If people in the North often have more plates of sauerkraut, eggplant, or in the West, they prefer sour water spinach and papaya. Then coming to the land of Nghe-Tinh, you will discover a side dish of melons made from ingredients no one thought of. That is " nhút". This rustic dish has become a "brand" that any visitor coming here wants to enjoy once. Usually, "Nhút" made once can be eaten all year, so the dishes made from this dish are extremely rich. Here, I will show how to prepare this dish.

The origin of the "Nhút".

An old story says that the ancient Nghe-Tinh land was very poor, the land was barren, the crops failed, so the farmers did not have enough food to eat. To overcome that difficulty, the people here have learned how to make long-preserved food for a long time, and they use chopped jackfruit, salt it for a long time, and then use that dish to eat with rice instead of expensive foods at that time. From that, "Nhút" was born and has become a familiar dish, sticking with the people here since they were poor, and nothing else can replace it.


Jackfruits, Garlic, Chilis, Lemongrass, Salt, Bean Leaves, shallot, leeks, eggplants.




bean leaves

Spicy chili pepper

Garden eggs



Process ingredients:

  • The jackfruit that is chosen for making " nhút" is usually green jackfruit. At that time, the jackfruit seeds have not yet formed the outer silk shell, making them tastier and easier to make.
  • After picking, you peel off the outer layer of thorns under running water to avoid getting the jackfruit sap from sticking to your hands because green jackfruit has a lot of plastic.
  • Then using a knife to chop them evenly and then cut the fibers from the outside to the inside of the jackfruit fruit and make sure that both the fiber, the pulp, and the seeds are cut into long fibers. Next, put the chopped jackfruit in and soak it in saltwater to clean the jackfruit until the fibers are white.
  • Bean leaves are washed and finely chopped.
  • Peeled garlic, roasted onions.



Each person's ingenuity is shown in each slice



Steps to make "Nhut"

Step 1: After preparing the jackfruit, mix the jackfruit with salt, you estimate so that it is not too salty or not too light (depending on the taste of each person).

Step 2: Put jackfruit in the salt jar:
Mix jackfruit with garlic, lemongrass, eggplant, chili, and leek in turn, one by one, and put it in a jar of salt and mix well.






Not only is it a sour dish to make a meal more delicious, but it can also be processed into many attractive flavors and is the main ingredient for many rustic dishes such as sour soup, mannequins, stir-fries.
Whenever I'm lazy to go to the market, just mix a cup of dipping sauce with "Nhut", that's it, there is a very delicious dish. A bowl of hot sticky rice mixed in a crispy, salty taste, then added with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce, makes the eater irresistible.

It sounds "strange" but for Nghe- Tinh people, this is a long-standing flavor and contributes to a charming and richer meal. So that every time we are away from home, everyone feels nostalgic for the salty, salty taste of this dish.What about your hometown specialty? I hope my article will help you know a new type of food in Vietnam.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post


It has been a long time I haven't had this dish, You made my mouth watering. @totocha!


If you can visit my hometown, I'm willing to take you to eat a lot of weird food in my hometown.😊


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