Pre Boards about to Start! 1/12 Chapters done, Day 1: Chem.



As Class 10 students prepare for their pre-board exams, they know that they have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed in these tests. Pre-board exams are known to be tougher than the main board exams, due to the fact that students are tested on the same curriculum and syllabus. This means that students need to put in a lot of study time in order to cover the topics in time for the exams. Right now I am done with 1 out of the 12 chapters and are looking to cover four more chapters in the next day. It is definitely not an easy task, but with determination and focus, it is achievable.

It is important to remember that the pre-board exams are a great way to practice and prepare for the main board exams. With dedication and patience, students can make sure that they are able to face their exams with confidence and assurance. All the best to all the Class 10 students out there!

This 1 chapter is of chemistry which takes the most time to be completed, others are biology and physics which take comparatively very very less time than chemistry. Tomorrow my main focus would be on those two, I hope I am able to do 4 more chapters tomorrow as there are 2 chapters that are thought very small but I have not even touched them seriously so it would take special additional time to do those.

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