Splinterlands Gold 3 League Season-Ending Rewards!

Good day dear mates! Today I want to share with you my season rewards after finishing it. Finally I could open my season rewards and ready to show them.
First of all I want to notice that in last season I was not so active as early due to some reasons. About some of them you can know from my previous post.
And now let's move thuther.
So for this season I received just 16 reward chests.



Now as you can see it is almost nothing of course couple rare cards and merdhampir allowed to level up my cards.


Now I want to share result of opening gladius case for participating in brawls.

Also as you can see there weren't any legendary or epic cards but Alva and Wallstop I could also were level up.

Now let me share some thoughts about my future activity in game. So first of all I need to miss current and next seasons. Of course I'll put my cards to leasing market to let you rent them and maybe play with them in Splinterlands or Slinterforge as you wish.
My next goal will be to level up my summoners and some specific cards which I like to use. So hope it won't take a lot time.

So that's all for now. Thank you for attention! Stay tuned! See you in the game!Yours @travoved!


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