Cacti+ part 2


they feel safe under here...
it their second year after popping up from the stump...

this guy climbes up on itself...
they named it "rocks", or at least that said the neighbour granny when she gave it to me many years go...
this is now some regenerated part of the main plant :)

a common succulent species
bridgesii / lagenformis...
gift from someone from spain...

not pachanoi.
rescued from the farmers market...

incubation / rooting
new growth!

Aloe arborescens - more potent than vera.
it healed itself...outside in the wind and the sun!
this guy has been broken in 2 halves after a storm... or a cat :)
so now they'll be two cacti...

greetings, people!

As I have taken more than 10 photos, I would like to make this second post to share some more pics and info from my cacti/ succulent garden.
All photos have captions + side stories ;)
I have not much more to say about them, so maybe i can quote a reply to @canna-curate, which I made earlier today...

gave a great day!

see you soon!

Thanks for asking! :)
Well they have characters too.
I mostly care for/ about the magic ones tho...
What I understood during the years is that they don't like full-on sun, as expected. Actually they burn / boil themselves very quickly. They don't like rains only without sunny days in between :)
(if cacti are grown from seeds ,it's a whole new story and a lot of care + patience during the first 4-5 years)
I suppose my cacti are still infants, not letting them grow too much cause i need to move them inside for winters :)
I've had a big one before... he rotted, I couldn't even save a piece from it to propagate :) ...the mold spreads so fast and infects even when cutting...
You can count the years looking at the growing patterns along the stem. And that's a good idea for the next post to show the growth on a photo.
What can I do for cacti to grow good and like other plants....
nutrition, good soil/medium, fair light/sun and clean water :)
(i only use compost, but put many pebbles inside and on top :P and some snail shells- AS A TROPHY :D... joking but yes cacti love some limestone, clay chunks, gypsum?!)
I never saw my SanPedros bloom :| (because of becoming dormant during winters)
I tried growing peyote several times, but with no luck for me :)
For now just continuing to grow!

that could be find under the previous post!

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We have Jade Plants at my work, and it is so cool how the tips fall and then root. Almost like they have the ability to walk away where they’re first planted!