Between the Lie and the Truth, do you want to know your future? - WEEK 137

Between the Lie and the Truth, do you want to know your future? - WEEK 137

Everything is a riddle, and the key to a riddle is another riddle. Ralph Waldo Emerson


Out of all the topics this weekend I chose to write a few words about some real events, the events I'm going to talk about I didn't go through personally (luckily) but some friends who went through some scary moments regarding tarot card readers, yes, this post will be about them.

My opinion is that tarot can be considered as a science considering that we have the first information about tarot a long time ago, but not knowing its origin.

Tarot is very well organized, here I refer to that deck of tarot cards, those cards that each card is very cleverly drawn with all sorts of fantastic characters, this is where the ability of certain people to understand what they convey to us comes in, from what I have read tarot cards contain elements of nature or moments in our lives.


Indeed, when you shuffle the set of cards and someone stops you from shuffling the cards and you return a card, at some point you have to be able to understand very well the meaning of the tarot cards, you have to understand what that combination wants to convey to you.

I don't think anyone is made to be able to understand the meaning of tarot cards, I think to do this you have to reach a certain level, all these things are not taught in school, you have to look somewhere inside yourself for the answers, you have to look for the answers on the meaning of the tarot cards and try to solve the puzzle so that you can pass on valuable information maybe to the one who asked you to read from these cards.

I also come and add my opinion about us human beings that each of us has our own destiny, which we will not be able to influence in any way, and perhaps this is also the result of seeking these answers by visiting these readers in tarot cards.

I'm not going to go into more detail about tarot cards because there would be a lot to write and that's not today's topic, as I wrote at the beginning I will tell you what happened to some friends of ours.

Of course, we all have logical questions about tarot, is it reality or a big money-making lie.

In Romania, at one time, the online environment and especially on TV, there were a lot of ads about finding out the future, I remember there was an ad where they asked you if you wanted to know your future in a few seconds, very funny ad, no.

To get back to the real story of our friends, which is to tell you how it all started.


A normal family, both husbands with well-paid jobs, but that without any explanation at some point everything started to go wrong, and bad luck stuck to them.

They started to fight with each other, they lost their jobs because they were fighting with everyone, their life was a chaos, they lost their car which was taken in installments from a leasing company.

In the first phase they tried to find answers to what was happening to them, they went to a priest to help them, but to no avail, not after a long time they tried to go to a mediator, nothing they could do.

I knew them and lately I noticed an enormous distance between us without being offered any explanation, I wrote them messages if I can help them with something I am at their disposal with anything, but no answer.

The next step was to make a few visits to a psychologist for a few sessions, maybe that way they will see some improvement in the situation, after these sessions it seemed worse.

It seemed as if an ice wall had settled between them, the car they had lost, jobs they no longer had, everything was falling apart around them, but one day he was surfing the internet nonsensically and found an advertisement for a gypsy woman who offered her fortune-telling services in tarot cards, where she boasted that she could tell your future.

He wrote down his phone number and the next day he called that number, at the other end of the phone he was answered by a soft voice who asked him what his problems were he of course revealed everything that lady caught his weakness and invited him to her house, that there would be a kind of temple (special place) where he could guess in the cards, after a few words with her she told him that this procession would cost him money, because he had to fight the forces of evil.

He didn't tell his wife about his intentions to visit a gypsy who could tell his future, the problem was that he didn't have the money to pay her so he called someone and asked for a loan.

With the money in his pocket (I think about 1000euro) he went to the gypsy, there he was taken to a rather strange room where the gypsy started the procession of guessing in the cards, not long after she tells him that he will have to fight a certain curse that was thrown on him by an ex-girlfriend, he shuffled the cards again to see if the cards said the same thing, guess what, the cards said the same thing, curse.


I don't want to bore you with this story, but he visited the gypsy about 3 more times and gave her more than 2500 euros (all borrowed money), he ran out of money, he didn't go to the gypsy, so she called him to give him some more money for his services, he refused.

After a few days he woke up at the gate with some shady characters who were going to give him a message from the gypsy, not to forget that he has to give him some more money, and he had better give it if he doesn't want something bad to happen to him.

The next moment he went straight to the police and told them what he went through, of course he filed a complaint against the gypsy for cheating, that was the moment when they made the decision to start from scratch, both of them to give themselves another chance, and I think they made the best decision, so they ended up telling me what they went through.

As a teaching I can say that fortune telling in tarot cards is a gift, a science, but we must be able to differentiate between a person who has grace and other people who take advantage of the psychic state of some people to take their money (here in Romania there are enough cases where people have lost their houses and money to find out their future or to bring their husband back home etc).

The future looks good, let it discover you, not you it.

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