Spring versus winter

Good evening everyone! I've finally been finding the motivation to write again (both for my website's blog and my ebook) so I figured I should do a post over here too.

Despite doing landscape photography for 11 years now, I had never taken a photo of blossoms that I actually liked... until yesterday! I'm very picky about what I like in my photos, and I really wanted to get some sort of nice atmosphere and layering. As luck would have it, there was a perfect set of trees at a new place I've been visiting lately. Combine them with some pouring rain and wind and that's more than enough atmosphere to make me happy!

"The Poetry of Life"

The wind was moving a lot of the branches around and the resulting motion blur created a fairly pleasing painterly effect.

Image settings: 200mm, f/10, 1/13s, ISO 250

And here is the same grouping of trees, but shot in winter during a snowstorm and from a different angle:

"Dead Sun Dreams"

Image settings: 200mm, f/8, 1/15s, ISO 200

With the winter photograph I really wanted to convey very bleak and desolate feelings. This winter was a tough one for mental health and I think it's safe to say some of my photographs reflected that.

Let me know which one you prefer!


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