China is Pursuing Quantum Computing Technology


China is Pursuing Quantum Computing Technology


China is embracing quantum computing technology, and has come a long way to become a leader in the technology. Google and IBM have been major players in the space, and have created computer with 50+ qubits, but China has advanced beyond the powerful machines with newer and more powerful machines. China’s investment into quantum computing and hunger for the technology by both public and private industry and government has put it ahead in the quantum computing race.

Quantum computing is the future of the computer industry, and large companies including IBM, Microsoft and many world governments are pursing the technology. Quantum technology is being considered for security applications in China, with an emphasis on their vulnerable high-speed rail system, security and algorithm development. Quantum computers use qubits to run algorithms and solve problems that would take current computers thousands of years to solve, and these are powerful tools for future technological development. In essence, the quantum computer can play a hand in the solving of major problems that have plagued mankind and it can also move technology forward in all fields.

China’s quantum computing market cap is approximately $5 billion and growing. Like the United States, China’s market for quantum computing development and marketing is a partnership between the government and companies. China has been developing a portfolio of quantum-supported projects including satellites and inter-city quantum communications.

China developed two incredibly powerful quantum computers in the Zuchongzi and the Jiuzhang 2.0 use different methods to solve problems at an incredible rate. These computers have beaten the Google and IBM speed records for problem solving, and have been used to evaluate chemistry problems.

The quantum computer will revolutionize all of mankind’s technologies. From security to chemistry to engine development for interstellar travel, we need quantum computing prowess. China is leading the way, and its rapid and powerful machine technology developments show that partnerships and subsidizes with private industry and governments are essential to move forward.

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