Overcoming Time Mismanagement- The Mental and Physical Endeavors

Overcoming Time Mismanagement- The Mental and Physical Endeavors

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I have written before about my issue with procrastination and how I am working to overcome it.

Time mismanagement is like procrastination in that our priorities are neglected. Time mismanagement leads to regret and loss, and is often the result of being scattered and unorganized. How can we steer our mental ship through the complex and interlacing endeavors we must accomplish daily?

Time is a resource. We never get more of it, and it’s non-renewable in a way. If our days slip through our fingers with nothing to show for them, we will feel regret. We may have issues at work and our anxiety may increase as a result. If we continue to be scattered, we will lose clients and may even lose our jobs. It’s a personal endeavor that involves some introspection and a bit of discipline.

Time mismanagement needs to be addressed quickly, and it needs to be effectively monitored. We cannot go through life missing important tasks and neglecting personal relationships, and that is the risk here. I struggled with time management early in my working life, and righted the ship with both mental and physical effort. It’s another case of putting energy in the proper direction and this is a deeply personal case-by-case endeavor.

One key fix for management of time is effective scheduling. In today’s world, we have a myriad of electronic scheduling programs and applications. I used to use a planner that I would keep with me, but I now use Microsoft Outlook calendar printouts to help me. For me, a physical page printed at the beginning of business hours keeps me on task. I need to grasp it and often write notes and new appointments on it. To me, time and scheduling are important, and I want direct influence over it.

Time mismanagement often comes from poor task management. I get overwhelmed with many projects and tasks at work, so I rank them from most urgent to least and attack the list. I know that the hardest tasks are best addressed first when I have ample energy, so I list those first and so on. At the end of the day, I will be less efficient, so I place easier tasks including routine paperwork there.

Another method I use to manage my time better is exercise. I am a bit scatterbrained, and exercise calms me down and focuses my energy. I workout before work, rising early in the morning to begin my day with a focused wit. The body needs to be pushed physically for the brain to be in proper working order. Time management is complex task that is ongoing. It’s akin to a marathon, and our body and mind need to be in good shape to endure this.

Time management is both a mental and physical task. I have learned to avoid mismanagement of my time, and it is a personal endeavor.

What works for you? What tips and tricks do you have to best manage your limited time?

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